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Wine Tasting - Aspen Style

Did you know that Colorado is full of homegrown wines?

Throughout Colorado, winemakers are serving up complex, homegrown wines to its visitors.

Paonia, located only 1.5 hours away from Aspen, is known for its luscious orchards, which produce peaches, apples, cherries, pears and plums.

In addition, several vineyards and wineries are now flourishing in the area.

These scenic wineries, all small family-owned estates, have earned a well-deserved reputation for creating a wide variety of premium wines many of which consistently win top national and international awards.

Touring the wineries of Paonia, is one of the best cultural experiences the area has to offer, and wine tasting is an increasingly popular activity for those wishing to enjoy the fruits of the Colorado vineyards.


For your convenience, Nomi Limousine can be your ride throughout this spectacular landscape.

As you travel between these charming vineyards, one of our professional drivers can ensure that you ride safely and in style.

Hiring a private car for your relaxing day of wine tasting adds the special touch that willcomplete your experience.

This is how you do your wine taste...Aspen style!

Using a limo service results in many benefits for those who wish to get the most out of their wine tasting experience including:

  • Designated driver

  • Transportation to and from wine tasting venues

  • Enjoy increased privacy

  • Avoid getting lost

At Nomi Limousine, we are dedicated to the highest professional standards.

Our drivers are prepared to ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout your wine tasting adventure.

The picturesque wineries and vineyards in scenic Paonia are waiting...

If you are planning on spending a day wine tasting, our professional staff is ready to speak with you today.

Call our offices in Aspen at (970) 300-4911 to learn more about our services and how we can make your wine tasting experience one to remember.

P.S. Tours are offered from May to September. Wineries include but not limited too:

  • Black Bridge Winery-

  • West Elks Wineries-

  • Stone Cottage Cellars-

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